About Us

Windmill Nursing Pavilion is located in a peaceful residential area in South Holland, IL. When residents look out the windows or take walks, they see houses, families, and a neighborhood instead of busy commercial streets.

Administration and Staff

Ann Marie Harrington has been Administrator at Windmill for 10 years. "Windmill is my home away from home," she says. Like Harrington, many members of the Windmill staff have made long-term commitments to the facility. The director of nursing has been there seven years and the assistant administrator for 27 years. "We have a core staff," Harrington says. "Our residents and families like seeing familiar faces every day."

Harrington hires friendly employees who want to handle residents' concerns. "The staff treats every resident like they are their own family," she says. "They created that feeling long before I got here, and people sense it when they walk in the door."

In quarterly Care Plan Meetings, Harrington and other staff members review each resident's condition, activities, and social services with the resident and the family. "The whole team gets together and talks about the resident's and family's goals," Harrington says. "We really care about the families here. We make sure they know what's going on." She is willing to try new ideas. "That's how you keep it as good as it was and still improve," she says.

A Day in the Life

Windmill has an active Resident Council that suggests improvements, raises questions or expresses concerns, and votes on activities and events. "We take residents on special outings about six to eight times per month," Harrington says. "We go to restaurants, different shopping malls, and White Sox games."

Residents also go to museums, movies, and bowling. They play Bingo at senior buildings in the area, visit regional historical sites, and take drives in December to see Christmas lights. Residents enjoy escorted walks through the neighborhood and to a nearby park.

The local Humane Society brings in pets, and South Suburban College (located in Holland, IL) conducts classes on topics that interest the residents. Recently the college brought in laptops and taught a computer class. Other schools come in and offer classes in art.

"We have morning exercise programs with different tapes and different props such as therapy bands or flags," Harrington says. "They are very popular, and people participate. It's one of the largest activities."

Another activity residents really enjoy is morning coffee hour. Coffee is served in the dining room while the television is tuned to a favorite talk show. "People can come and go as they want," Harrington says. "It creates a comfortable, unstructured opportunity to mingle without residents feeling like they are on some kind of regimen."

Windmill hosts Catholic, non-denominational, and Baptist church services; representatives from various religious groups are regular volunteers.

We welcome the opportunity to have you visit our home.

Call or stop in for a tour whenever you wish. We look forward to seeing you!

About Us